Before you buy solar: what you should know in 2022

Things to watch out for in Solar Retailers

When buying solar, there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve compiled some tips to avoid any headache further down your solar journey. Be sure to focus on the important aspects of your purchase as it’s a substantial investment and one you’ll be living with for a long time.

Do your research

When investing in a solar system, make sure to check out the hardware, warranty, installer and supplier. If anything isn’t clear, speak to your retailer. Take some time to research how long the company you’re going with has been providing solar systems and whether customers are happy with their service, and always purchase your solar system from an accredited Clean Energy Council Installer.


The best place to start is asking anyone you may know who already have solar PV systems installed. They can tell you their own experiences and any problems they may have encountered, things that you might easily be able to avoid.

Honoring Warranty

Please remember or keep note of what guarantees the manufacturer has to offer. Be cautious of where their service offices are, best to see if they are able to honor your warranty in australia and their track record for their service.

Component Certifications

Every solar component typically has a level of certification, to show how well a component performs to its specification. For example, TUV IEC 61215 confirms that solar panels have gone through testing by an independent laboratory. Alot of certifications are self-assessed, so check other places where components have been tested, it’s not advisable to rely on the company’s claims.

Budgeting your system

Generally the consensus is that it is the best idea to always get as many panels on your roof as possible. However, if you are budget minded, it is recommended to get an inverter for your system that

Make sure everything is in writing

Ensure the term’s are written using plain language, simple to understand. Use of legalese is simply not necessary and just raises doubt about the contractor. Verbal consent is not compliant with the CEC code. Every variation to design must be documented and signed off on by the consumer prior to installation. Make sure you are informed every step of the way, if anything might require additional changes or cost, you must be aware of it.

Make sure you are told every step of the way.

There have also been cases of miscommunication with the customer, the CEC code administrator found a complaint where a consumer did not experience the potential savings they were estimated. They found that the consumer had only been informed of a zero-export limit after installation. Customer’s expectations were not met, and were not informed with major design changes. It is important to have in writing; the expected performance and intricacies that may impact your system’s output and export.

Be wary of ‘Solar Cowboys’

‘Solar Cowboys’ are solar companies that stop operating and set up again as a brand new company. This was quite common years ago, where companies do this to avoid maintenance and warranty support, due to cheap systems that fail relatively quickly. This leaves many consumers in the dark, where they don’t know who to go to service their systems, leaving them with big dents in their investment. This is why it is important to carefully select your solar retailers, check their reputation and whether they have been in business for many years, this shows that they are here to stay and are reliable.

Take the time to make your decision

Avoid high-pressure sales people, you should not be falling for offers without full expectations of what it would entail. Alot of offers may seem like a good deal, but when you look into it there are many ‘hidden costs’ that doesn’t actually make it a better deal. This is important because, you are less likely to run into pitfalls if you do your homework and agree with all the conditions of your offer.

Avoid ‘cheap’ sales tactics

One of the biggest traps we’ve seen are misleading advertising and promotions, there have been cases where retailers falsely advertise deals that people may not be eligible for or are simply untrue. For example, advertising ‘Save $100… forever!’ is false as solar systems cannot guarantee a fixed rate of savings. Another thing to keep in mind, is that solar companies that offer a lot of limited time deals, a lot of the time there is a hidden cost to it or it is a low-quality system.

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