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Home Battery Scheme to finish by September

Claim it while you can, the SA Home Battery Scheme is set to finish by September 1. 2022. Current Home Battery Scheme subsidy levels Energy concession holder $250 per kWh All other households $150 per kWh Maximum subsidy per battery installation $2,000 A limited number of subsidies are still available. The Home Battery Scheme will […]

Safety checks to make sure your system was installed correctly

So finally after many weeks of anticipation, you finally have that solar installed on your roof. But is it a good idea to turn it on right away? Here are some essential safety checks to make sure your solar PV system was properly installed.  Things to watch out for Secure Cables  Make sure all of […]

Feed-in Tariff Comparison 2022: Best Tariffs by State and Territory

A solar feed-in tariff is paid per kWh of excess unused electricity generated by your home’s solar cells that enters the grid. A feed-in tariff means you can generate your own power AND earn a little extra income by powering other people’s homes. Feed-in Tariffs are an incentive introduced by the government to encourage demand […]

Before you buy solar: what you should know in 2022

Things to watch out for in Solar Retailers When buying solar, there are a few things to keep in mind. We’ve compiled some tips to avoid any headache further down your solar journey. Be sure to focus on the important aspects of your purchase as it’s a substantial investment and one you’ll be living with […]

How to increase your Solar Power Output 2022

With the entire world shifting towards renewable energy solutions, more and more people see the benefits of installing solar power in their homes. Not only will you gain more savings on your power bill, but you also have the potential to earn more credits through the feed-in tariff. Of course, this is assuming that your […]

Is Solar Worth it in 2022?

Solar power is highly advantageous for anyone. It provides a greener, cleaner energy solution, but it also offers increased savings on utilities. The only main downside is the initial cost of installing a solar power system. This is offset by incentives and rebates offered by the Australian government for owning a grid-connected system. The feed-in […]

Solar financing guide 2022: stcs, rebates and payback periods

In South Australia, we get plenty of sun all year-round. We typically get 7:36 hours of sunlight a day, and a total of 2774 hours of sunlight per year. In every state in Australia, solar panels are worth buying no matter your energy consumption. South Australia has a strong rooftop PV industry, with about 1 […]

AC and DC Coupled Batteries: know the difference

When connecting a solar array with a battery, it is not an easy matter to just connect a battery of suitable capacity with a solar array.  Advanced AC coupled off-grid systems use modern solar inverters to convert solar DC power directly to AC which can then be used immediately by most appliances during the day. […]

Are Solar Batteries Worth the Investment in Australia in 2022?

There are only 110,000 households with energy storage in Australia, less than 5% of solar adopters. Battery systems allow families to reduce their dependence on traditional on-grid electricity. But battery systems are costly and have high pay-back periods. The Benefits of Solar Batteries Adding a battery to a residential solar system can double the amount […]

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