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Home Battery Scheme to finish by September

Claim it while you can, the SA Home Battery Scheme is set to finish by September 1. 2022. Current Home Battery Scheme subsidy levels Energy concession holder $250 per kWh All other households $150 per kWh Maximum subsidy per battery installation $2,000 A limited number of subsidies are still available. The Home Battery Scheme will […]

AC and DC Coupled Batteries: know the difference

When connecting a solar array with a battery, it is not an easy matter to just connect a battery of suitable capacity with a solar array.  Advanced AC coupled off-grid systems use modern solar inverters to convert solar DC power directly to AC which can then be used immediately by most appliances during the day. […]

Are Solar Batteries Worth the Investment in Australia in 2022?

There are only 110,000 households with energy storage in Australia, less than 5% of solar adopters. Battery systems allow families to reduce their dependence on traditional on-grid electricity. But battery systems are costly and have high pay-back periods. The Benefits of Solar Batteries Adding a battery to a residential solar system can double the amount […]

How to claim SA Home Battery Scheme rebate in 2022

The Home Battery Scheme is a subsidy for all grid-connected systems – provided by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation – to help pay for the cost of a home battery system. It is available to all South Australians buying a energy-storage equipped solar PV system. The subsidy only covers the battery component of a system. […]

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