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Feed-in Tariff Comparison 2022: Best Tariffs by State and Territory

A solar feed-in tariff is paid per kWh of excess unused electricity generated by your home’s solar cells that enters the grid. A feed-in tariff means you can generate your own power AND earn a little extra income by powering other people’s homes. Feed-in Tariffs are an incentive introduced by the government to encourage demand […]

How to increase your Solar Power Output 2022

With the entire world shifting towards renewable energy solutions, more and more people see the benefits of installing solar power in their homes. Not only will you gain more savings on your power bill, but you also have the potential to earn more credits through the feed-in tariff. Of course, this is assuming that your […]

How to save on your power bills with Solar in 2022

In 2022, it looks like power isn’t getting any cheaper, so it’s important for you to take a look at your energy consumption. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to lower bills by changing how and when you use energy, making your household more energy efficient or becoming more energy independent. Three ways to […]

How to size your solar system in 2022

With the adverse effects of global warming, people are becoming more interested in making environmentally friendly decisions, from using fewer plastic bags to reusable coffee cups, and of course, switching to renewable energy — which can be seen with the exponential growth in the number of households with a solar system installation.  When you look […]

Types of Inverters 2022: String, Micro and DC-Optimizers

Solar inverter power optimizer, string, central, micro setups

Solar energy systems have a lot of moving parts to them and any one of them could fail. Inverters are arguably important part of a solar system and there are primarily a few ways that they can be set up – string inverters, inverters with power optimizers or micro inverters. In this article we will […]

Tips to keep you safe from electrical hazards

At times we take electricity for granted, it is unavoidable due to the convenience of technology, a simple flick and our house is lit, warmed up and all of our favorite appliances are running smoothly without hassle. However, as some people know; electricity can be costly and dangerous. We have pulled from our experience some […]

AS/NZS 5033 and unsafe DC isolators

Image: Safer Solar Rooftop DC isolators have come under fire lately due to safety and regulatory concerns. In an interview with pv magazine, head of Queensland-based renewables company REA Global , Michael Mrowka has stated that, “One example is the AS/NZS 5033 standard that mandates rooftop solar isolators, which have become the largest single cause […]

Basic guide to electricity cost in 2022

It is important to understand how much electricity you use, understanding which appliances contribute the most towards your power bill. This is useful when deciding which appliances to cut back on, approximately 40% of the total energy bill is due to heating and cooling. The unit for appliances is in wattage, where a kwh is […]

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