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Solar System

For most of the small businesses, it will be suitable for all kinds of office, restaurant, store, home office and so on. It not only allows you to support your business in a more cost-effective way, but also step into a greener and sustainable future.

  • 43 Modules
  • Fronius 15.0-3-M
  • 2-3 years payback period




Solar System

The most affordable upgrade for the solar system in the next level for small and medium businesses (SME). If you are paying for electricity higher than regular compared to small businesses, invest in it will change your operation.

  • 60 Modules
  • Fronius Symo 20.0-3-M
  • 2-4 years payback period




Solar System

When you are expanding your business, investing a large solar system can ease all your concerns about the increasing operational costs, and put your resources in a better use.
No more crazy bills and unpredictable expenses.

  • 73 Modules
  • Fronius 25.0-3-M
  • 2-4 years payback period




Solar System

One of the largest solar system available for commercial use, it is a great choice for cooperation and factories. And thanks to the rapidly decreasing cost of solar power systems, they’re more affordable than ever.

  • 86 Modules
  • Fronius 2x 15.0-3-M
  • 2-5 years payback period


Start Reducing Your Energy Costs

Save Money Every Year With a Commercial Solar Panel System

With increased scrutiny on the environmental impact that businesses are having on our planet, solar energy is a smart and forward-thinking choice for Australian businesses. Not only can you use our beautiful sunny climate to save money — you’re also delivering on a commitment to your employees and customers to reduce CO2 emissions.

NTS wants to help more Australian businesses take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy, so we specialise in the sale and installation of top quality, great value, commercial solar systems. We offer complete solar panel and inverter solutions for a range of commercial applications, along with leading warranties and protections on all of our products and services.

Why Commercial Solar in South Australia?

There are a number of positives that come with having a commercial solar installation in South Australia. On top of the short and long-term economic gains, such as mitigation of rising electricity prices, reduction in energy costs and stable energy spend, businesses also experience enhanced consumer perception based on the environmental benefits of solar. There are also no-cost-down solutions, so you’ll potentially see the benefits without investing any capital.

  • Immediate & Long-Term Economic Benefits
  • No-Cost-Down
  • Positive Brand Impression

Free Complimentary Solar Feasibility Assessment

We offer free assessment with customisation package design that considering your desires and situation. Our specialist team can undertake any type and size system that you may need and we can advise you on all of the necessary steps.

We also have specialised staff that can do a true load assessment of your property and apply our sophisticated computer-sizing program that can help you decide the most cost effective power system for your energy requirements.

Book a complimentary Solar Feasibility Report for your business and put control of future energy costs in your hands.

Our Commercial Solar Capabilities

We has been designing and installing Solar Power Systems for over 35 years and has gained respect in Australia as the leader in the Grid Connect and Hybrid Power markets.
We attribute much of our success to our highly efficient and cost effective service backed up with Specialised Training and Technical Service and Spare Parts supply.

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At Natural Technology Systems, we strive to provide affordably priced solar to the community of South Australia, our priority is to provide quality service and be a provider that Adelaide businesses and residents can trust and rely on.

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Want to Know More About Us?

At Natural Technology Systems, we specialise in quality design, installation and service of Grid and Off-Grid Solar Designs and Hybrid Solar Power Systems. We have been carrying Solar Panel Installations since 1984 including 3kw, 4kw, 5kw, 6.6kw, 8kw, 10kw, 15kw, 30kw Solar Power Systems in Adelaide metro and the whole of South Australia. We provide free consultation and have a wide range of product selection including brands like Fronius, SMA, Goodwe, Selectronics, Plasmatronics, Victron, Latronics, Q.Cells, Jinko, Trina, Exide, Alpha-ESS and many more. We also provide after-sales service for the best customer experience you would want to have. 

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