Safety checks to make sure your system was installed correctly

So finally after many weeks of anticipation, you finally have that solar installed on your roof. But is it a good idea to turn it on right away? Here are some essential safety checks to make sure your solar PV system was properly installed. 

Things to watch out for

Secure Cables 

Make sure all of the system’s cables are secured and not exposed to protect them from mechanical and environmental damage. Unprotected cables could easily become damaged and present a safety risk. 

Labeling Safety / isolating switches, and shutdown procedures

Make sure you can identify your isolator switches, they should be labeled and each control the following:

  • supply from the solar panels (DC supply)
  • supply from the inverter unit (AC supply)
  • supply from the batteries (DC supply)
  • normal electricity supply main switch.
This is the DC supply switch, same for batteries and panels
AC supply switch
Electrical supply main switch

The solar PV system or battery should also have:

  • clear shut down instructions you can follow if you need to switch off the supply from the solar panels or batteries
  • a label on your main switchboard and meter box identifying that your home has multiple energy supplies
  • a sign explaining the type of battery installed.

Solar panel systems need to be shut down according to a specific shut down procedure. Turning off the panels in the wrong way can contribute to problems – not prevent them.

If there is no shutdown procedure displayed, or you do not understand the instructions, do not operate any of the switches until your installer has explained their use to you.

Ask your installer to show you the location of all the relevant switches and labels.

A certificate of compliance 

Keep in mind that your insurance can be voided if your Solar PV systems and batteries have not been installed by a licensed electrician. A licensed installer would give you an electronic certificate of compliance within 30 days of the system being connected. Without the eCoC, you could jeopardize your insurance if an electrical-related incident caused fire or damage to the property. 

Is that all? System maintenance checklist

To keep your system safe, your installer should provide you with a maintenance schedule to ensure:

  • your system is operating correctly
  • you understand your system’s performance potential and limitations
  • you understand how to interpret critical system health information, so you can recognise when the system needs attention
  • people at your property or working on the electricity distribution network are kept safe.

It is recommended to service your battery storage system every 12 months.

If the electricity consumption at your property changes significantly without an obvious reason, check with your installer to make sure everything is working correctly. 

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